Lilo is constantly licking is front paws. He has been doing this since we adopted him. He went to the vet last week to get his ear re-checked and another distemper shot. The vet told me to give him Benadryl and call him in 10 days. I don’t think it’s working. I have been giving it to him twice a day since Friday. He’s still licking his paws. They are really red. I feed him Wellness wet food that is 95% turkey, chicken or beef, he gets a difference flavor every other day. It doest have any wheat or that other stuff I heard dogs shouldn’t be eating. He gets a handful of dry fromme food with the wet. I don’t feed him humane food, the occasionally small piece of cheese or apple that’s it. He seems to lick after we come inside from being in the yard, and right before bedtime.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?


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HI Jennifer:

My Pug constantly licks her paws before bed, it is definitely a habit not allergies (at least with my pug). They say licking of the paws is a sign of allergies but it also a known fact that it also can be nerves/habit type things too.

Pug Licking on a Blog Site Please read.
My pug licks me all the time, but my Lab has grass allergies and licks his paws after being out also. My vet can tell that it is a grass allergy. With the weather the way it is, everytime it warms up, the stuff just drives him crazy! And with 12 acres and a hay field, he suffers alot. When it gets real bad, he has to go on prednisone and get a prednisone injection. I'm hoping with the snow we got and cold weather, the poor thing will settle down. I hate all the prednisone, but nothing else seems to work. I have a country vet, and he sees alot of this out in the country, and it does correspond, it seems, to the weather warming. But Buster loves to lick my legs, feet, our grandson's face, which Aiden loves!
My vet was telling me that pugs are predisposed to a skin condition that can lead to irritation in the ears, under arms, and between their toes. Deacon gets patches under his arms sometimes, and has had a bout with it in his ear, too. The doctor prescribed him a medication for his ears. I had been using Neosporin under his arms, and that was working well so I asked the doctor if that was ok, and he said it was great. It soothes his skin and gets rid of any irritating bacteria that might be at the root of the problem. Just be careful to not let him lick/bite at his paws soon after application if you give that a try.
Sounds like grass allergies to me. My vet gave me neo-predef powder for the red paws and licking and it stops it immediately. Very soothing for the pug. You can also try booties when he goes outside.
I replied in the other Skin thread, check that one as it is similar. I just bought these products on recommendation from another Dog Lover.
We put our pugs on Sea-meal by Solid Gold. It's given as a supplement (according to size) once a day. It's specifically for excessive paw licking, but they love it, and it makes poops firm everyday!
I'm coping with my pug who has yeast and bacteria infections (and possibly allergies) and is doing a lot of licking. My vet says that Benadryl often doesn't work, so you may want to try another antihistimine. Also, chicken and beef are often triggers of allergies. That's why hypo-allergenic diets use a protein source such as venison or duck or pheasant. You may want to try one of those diets. And I'd stick to canned that has no grain at all. Finally, has Lilo been tested for yeast and bacteria? You may also want to seek out a vet dermatologist/allergist. Good luck!
YEAST IS THE DEVIL!!! I am surprised vets aren't quicker to diagnose this---dog constantly, obsessively licking paws, and they are red--signs of a yeast infection! The allergies cause licking, licking causes bacteria and yeast to grow, and this makes the paws red. I am 90% positive your dog has a yeast infection. They have pills for that and gets rid of the problem like magic. Ask your vet to test for yeast!!!
Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my question. I think Lilo is just obessive. I bought a cream called protecta a paw and put it on his paw before we went to bed. He didn't lick his paws at all, instead he got a chew thinggy and chewed that before going to sleep. we are going to the vet on tuesday for health certficate, because we are going to my parents in Canada. I'll double check with the vet then about the paws.
i am at my wits end with the paw licking. where did you purchase the protecta paw cream? tried googling it but came up empty!
thanks for your help!
Hi Sandy,

I bought the cream at my local pet store. I went on and looked it up here's a link for you

the lady at the pet store also told me about a product called bad apple. You put it on there paws and when they go to lick them it tastes like a rotten apple, so it helps them stop licking.
hope that helps you. let me know how you do.
thanks lilo's mom --i will buy the cream today for sure and let u know how it works!!!
happy holidays to you and lilo


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