Tyson is going to be 3 on valentine's day this year. I adopted him early November of last year from a family that had crate trained as well as completely house broke him. Even when it is an emergency they taught him to pee in the tub.

Today I took Tyson to the dog park twice!! And was about to bathe him when the phone rang. I answer it and then hear the sound of pouring water coming from my living room. I look and it's Tyson peeing on my down comforter on my couch!!!OMG!

I told him "NO" and threw him outside. I dumped vinegar on the comforter and then took him for a walk around the block.

Why would he do this???

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There are breeders and breeders. Maybe he wasn't trained well enough. However, if it was the first time when Tyson peed in other place than his natural one, there are 2 possibilities:

1. either he may have been a little too excited from the dog park walk
2. or he may have a urinary problem, though you should check with your vet on this.
He has been trained to pee in the tub if he can't hold it. And when I first adopted him 3 months ago, he peed on my leg at the dog park. I thought that was my pack initiation!!

Lately our walking schedule has been erratic and I wonder if that contributed to this behavior.

Thanks for your comments! -jdy
I do not believe that you can ever completely train the marking characteristic out of any dog, especially a male dog. I think they can be as completely housebroken as you could ever want, and if that instinct comes they will pee on whatever smells like it needs to be marked. He was just making the comforter his own.
Just my opinion at 60 years old and having had many, many dogs in my lifetime.
Yes, I know about females marking. My Gracie is the sweetest little dog ever but when we adopted Gigi from Midwest Pug Rescue, Gracie started marking. Gracie has always slept in her kennel, but Gigi had always slept in her owner's bed so that is where she sleeps now - in my bed. When Gracie figured that out, she jumped up on my bed and peed on my brand new and very expensive comforter. I caught her in the act, but it was too late. I had the comforter dry cleaned but then it smelled like chemicals so I replaced it. After a few days, Gracie did the same thing again. This time, I just threw away the comforter and bought a washable bedspread. She has peed on this, too, but I washed it and it is fine. She hasn't done it since. This all took place over several months so it isn't like I have a daily problem. It is annoying, however.

Gracie ALWAYS tells me when she has to potty outside, so house-breaking was NOT the issue. Dominance was the issue, but you would never guess it from her sweet, sweet temperment. I will just live with it. They are what they are and I still love them dearly.
I too have a spayed pug that marks her territory. Blossom Dearie has marked virtually every surface in the house. We have eliminated all carpeting and rugs, and only have bedding that is washable. We don't leave anything hanging off a door knob, or on the floor. She seems to be especially fond of plastic drycleaning bags in the closet. It's a frustrating mystery. She has access to the outside when we are home, and during the day she and a neutured small spaniel are in the garage with access to the outside. Still, when she is in the house we have to follow her everywhere and she is sneaky!

I do use diapers and she tolerates them well, but because she has access to outside, if I don't catch her before she leaves I end up changing them often. There is no medical explanation.

I wonder if it might be a characteristic of toy breeds.
I have been reading Ceasar Milan's book "Be The Pack Leader" and it has offered some insight. He says that dogs are our mirrors.

I slipped a disc in my back and having a Temper-Pedic mattress I slept on the couch a few nights in a row because I thought I needed something firmer to support my back while it healed. My husband really misses me when i don't sleep with him. I wonder if Tyson picked up on this and peed on my comforter that was on the couch so i would go back and sleep back in the room. (His crate is also in our bedroom.)

Since I have been back in the bedroom, Tyson has been perfect.

I wonder. Hummm....
You give a lot of credit to your dog's intelligence and critical thinking skills! I'm not sure my Blossom Dearie possess that much gray matter in her adorable and dinky head. I think my little girl likes to smell her own scent on everything. Although I do have a water-proof and mite-proof duvet on my down-filled comforter, I also have a cotton duvet over that, which I wash weekly - or as needed!
Pugsy does 2 different things, if i go out in the evening and he thinks i have left him too long, he will wait till i come home and as soon as i walk in the door he will look at me, lift his leg and pee on the tile - basically telling me is annoyed with me!!! the other is that anywhere we go, he has to either pee or pooh - i know this is marking his terrority but !!!
I can't say that we don't have accidents but our accident ratio has improved by better training of both me and my husband. Immediately when we get home we take all 3 pups outside. Also first thing in the morning and last thing at night we all go outside. Also if we're going out for the evening we all go out just before we leave. This means that I had better stop at the restroom before I leave work since if I stop off at the restroom when I get home I sometimes find a puddle. Thanks goodness for tile! Not everyone can have more than one pet but I think the buddy factor helps as well.

My little Max is doing so great with his potty training. He did wet on bed once but had to sleep in his crate that night and never done it again. He almost always scratches on the door when he needs to go out during the day. But we also have a routine of him going as soon as we get up and before we go to bed. I just figured he done so good because our other dog Blue, half bassett and half blue healer has always been trained every since we rescued him. I just figured he was following in his brothers footsteps?

My girl Liv is pretty much potty trained but then today after being outside for over an hour, she came in, and within 10 minutes hopped up on my couch and peed!!! I dont understand?!  She isnt territorial, and she has walks, and had just peed? Very confusing.... 

There are a lot of probable reasons why this would have happened. And one is that he just got a little too excited over something that proves to be something that is really nice or whatnot.  The next is that there is a problem somewhere with their urinary track.

If they are trained and have been doing so for the past couple of years, there is no excuse for not to be able to hold it now, so there is an issue somewhere.


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